Certified Coffee that will change the world!

Our business model revolves around doing the most good for the greatest number of people. One of the many ways we do this is by providing you with the finest certified specialty coffees from around the world!

We do this because We Care!


Every bean is verified with our approval.

Before we commit to purchasing a specific coffee we verify the producers are in good standing with the certifying agency and that the bags of coffee we receive are handled in conformance with the agency’s requirements. We sample roast the coffees to find the flavors and aromas you love most. When you purchase our coffee for yourselves and others you are directly improving the lives of others.




Certified Coffee

We are honored to be authorized by the RFA to acquire and re-sell Rain Forest Alliance coffee. We work hard to maintain strict chain-of-custody and corporate reporting of each coffee we procure for you. This enable us to bring you the freshest RFA certified coffees year after year.

Growing up we heard about rain forests being burned so that cattle could graze. The Rain Forest Alliance works with coffee farmers to protect the environment. Their ethics blend well with ours.


The following information comes from the Rain Forest Alliance.

Our Mission
The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Our Vision
We envision a world where people can thrive and prosper in harmony with the land.

Our Strategy
At the heart of the Rainforest Alliance’s approach is the understanding that the health of the land is inextricably connected to the wellbeing of those who depend on it for their livelihoods. Our approach includes training and certification to promote healthy ecosystems and communities in some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

We work with forward-thinking farmers, foresters and tourism entrepreneurs to conserve natural resources and ensure the long-term economic health of forest communities. In order for a farm or forestry enterprise to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, or for a tourism business to be verified, it must meet rigorous standards designed to protect ecosystems, safeguard the well-being of local communities and improve productivity. The Rainforest Alliance then links these farmers, foresters and tourism businesses to the growing global community of conscientious consumers through the green frog seal.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is an internationally recognized symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability that helps both businesses and consumers do their part to ensure a brighter future for us all.



Certified Coffee

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has developed the only 100% organic and shade-grown coffee certification available: Bird Friendly.

That’s right—no other bag guarantees that every bean is produced organically and under high-quality shade. Our seal of approval ensures tropical “agroforests” are preserved and migratory birds find a healthy haven when they travel from your backyard to those faraway farms producing the beans you so enjoy every morning.




We aim to channel more of the opportunities and benefits of globalization to the underprivileged farming and working families who today are being left behind.

Protecting the environment goes hand-in-hand with protecting the future livelihoods of local communities. The Fair Trade model requires rigorous protection of local ecosystems and ensures that farmers receive a harvest price, which will allow them to practice sustainable agriculture. We encourage farmers to transition to organic agriculture because it is safer for farm workers, healthier for consumers and better for the environment. Ultimately, we help farming families become the best stewards of their land.


Certified Coffee

We sell Fair Trade Coffee because We Care!

The following information is provided by Fair Trade USA

We seek to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty. Rather than creating dependency on aid, we use a market-based approach that empowers farmers to get a fair price for their harvest, helps workers create safe working conditions, provides a decent living wage and guarantees the right to organize. Through direct, equitable trade, farming and working families are able to eat better, keep their kids in school, improve health and housing, and invest in the future. Keeping families, local economies, the natural environment, and the larger community strong today and for generations to come; these are the results we seek through Fair Trade.




Certified Coffee

Certified Organic Coffee farmers are required to meet strict standard as described on the USDA website. We use our QC program to ensure your organic coffee is certified through our chain-of-custody program.

What is Organic Agriculture?
Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics. USDA organic standards describe how farmers grow crops and raise livestock and which materials they may use.

Organic farmers, ranchers, and food processors follow a defined set of standards to produce organic food and fiber. Congress described general organic principles in the Organic Foods Production Act, and the USDA defines specific organic standards. These standards cover the product from farm to table, including soil and water quality, pest control, livestock practices, and rules for food additives.



• Preserve natural resources and biodiversity
• Support animal health and welfare
• Provide access to the outdoors so that animals can exercise their natural behaviors
• Only use approved materials
• Do not use genetically modified ingredients
• Receive annual onsite inspections
• Separate organic food from non-organic food



Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica.

Located in Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica, Hacienda Miramonte Estate is Rain Forest Alliance certified.  This coffee has a sweet cocoa and citrus, high acidity, full body.  Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot.


About this coffee.
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet cocoa and citrus taste. Rich, smooth, balanced flavor. High acidity adds layers to it’s full body.
  • Roast Notes: Medium Roast
  • Processing: Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Type: Whole Bean
  • Caffeinated Coffee