Our journey begins with family…

On December 31, 2010 was an evening I will always remember…My daughter and I were at the middle of a road trip and after a long day of driving we stopped for dinner and to celebrate my birthday. After good food and great conversation it was time for cake and a cup of coffee. We smiled together and spoke about the year passing; the goals and dreams realized. We imagined the year before us; dreams and goals to set and some to reach for yet again. Worthy. Soon we were served the cake and coffee. Steam danced upward from the cup and ceiling lights twinkled on the surface of the coffee. I brought the coffee to my lips and sipped. I was immediately distracted from the conversation and completely focused on the cup. Smooth flavors from distant lands filled my mouth. I mentioned that this was the second perfect cup of coffee I’d ever had. I hardly remembered the first time, just that it happened,  but I was really paying attention to this one! What was this I tasted? Soon we were imagining and discussing forests and highlands, peoples and places, families and friends who live their lives in and around the work of coffee. Another sip. The flavors had changed. Some had settled and fresh hints of floral and chocolates had developed. Had I ever really tasted coffee?


We chatted about the schools and towns the children of coffee workers must experience. With so much coffee being enjoyed in America we were sure the families who grew and processed it were well compensated. We wondered what it would be like walking through dark rows of coffee lit by a full moon with them. Youth from the community would guide us deeper into the darkness with no fear. We’re stopped near the end of a row of trees. A child points. With eyes fully adjusted to the night’s light we looked. Soon the outline of a large jungle cat was seen, peering through the heavy boughs of a coffee tree. It turns and slowly walks on. Our hearts were pounding. The family and cat calm. Another sip of the cooling coffee and now hints of jasmine and subtle spices edged across my tongue. Darker chocolates lingered. How did this delicious cup of coffee come to me? It was decided. We would discover the world of coffee and bring it to you. The hunt was on. Jungle Cat Coffee was born.



Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica.

Located in Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica, Hacienda Miramonte Estate is Rain Forest Alliance certified.  This coffee has a sweet cocoa and citrus, high acidity, full body.  Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot.


About this coffee.
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet cocoa and citrus taste. Rich, smooth, balanced flavor. High acidity adds layers to it’s full body.
  • Roast Notes: Medium Roast
  • Processing: Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Type: Whole Bean
  • Caffeinated Coffee