One that unites us all? COFFEE!

There is something unique and special about preparing and enjoying a cup of coffee for yourself or with someone, even if you’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times before.

Maybe the problems of this world would grow a little dimmer if more people would brew and enjoy great coffee. Fresh roasted Jungle Cat Coffee!

We’d love to hear how you prepare and enjoy your Jungle Cat Coffee. Send us your story and we’ll help you tell the world!


We strive to improve the unique cultures in coffee growing regions and the environment.

It really is amazing how wonderful life is.

Growing up with Mom and seven brothers and sisters was tough. One thing she always had enough of was love. I guess that was enough because many times there wasn’t much more. We look back now and can’t believe the way life has turned out for each of us. Truly amazing how goals and good choices can lead to better outcomes.

My wife and I did well in our chosen occupations. I am a carpenter and for many years served as a director of safety. She is a health care professional helping large populations learn to become more healthy.

We started this coffee business to do more for the people who grow and process coffee. This website helps us to provide fresh roasted coffee outside of our local communities. With more people enjoying our coffee we can give more.

As a result of your purchases the people who work the hardest in bringing great coffee to market will experience a cleaner, more healthy way of life.

Thank you for joining with us!



Coffee you have just got to try!



Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica.

Located in Naranjo-Alajulea, Costa Rica, Hacienda Miramonte Estate is Rain Forest Alliance certified.  This coffee has a sweet cocoa and citrus, high acidity, full body.  Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot.


About this coffee.
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet cocoa and citrus taste. Rich, smooth, balanced flavor. High acidity adds layers to it’s full body.
  • Roast Notes: Medium Roast
  • Processing: Honeyed and sundried, washed micro-lot
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Type: Whole Bean
  • Caffeinated Coffee